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From our research we don’t believe TestoGen would be a very effective male enhancement supplement. You can find our arguments as to why below. In summary: the product contains only one effective ingredient in a very small concentration, the company has a history of angering customers and a lack of scientific evidence backing it up.
TestoGen is a male enhancement supplement made by New Vitality (AKA NAC Vitamin Company), a vitamin and supplement company that is based out of Farmingdale, New York. The company has no rating with the BBB but has had over 60 official complaints filed against it.
The most common complaint against the company has to do with it’s ‘free bottle’ offer. With this offer you pay shipping and handling and are then sent a free bottle of a specified product. What you are not told is that you are signed up for a ‘super savings program’ where in 30 days you are sent 3 bottles of the product that you must pay full price for.

Does TestoGen work?

The main (and only) ingredient found within TestoGen is saw palmetto. This is the extract from a bitter berry. Some clinical trials have found that it is helpful with achieving an erection but other studies have found it no better than a placebo. Research has shown that it can possibly help with prostate issues.
This is the only ingredient within the product and the fact that it has not been 100% proven in study is a bit odd. Not only that, the ingredient has only been mildly suggested to help with male issues, it does not help with libido or stamina.
Reviews and testimonials?
There are currently no testimonials available on the official website and very few reviews of the product can be found online. This may be because the product hasn’t sold well. There is no mention of this product in any of the major consumer complaints boards or blogs.
Is it a scam?
The fact that this product only contains a single ingredient is a bit disconcerting. This fact along with the severe lack of testimonials and high number of consumer complaints filed with the BBB we would recommend you go elsewhere for your male enhancement needs.
TestoGen -

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