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Ahli9 Dominoqq



1. Please rate your agreement with the following statements.
Did our representative :

  Strongly Disagree Neutral Strongly Agree
a. Quickly identify the problem ? 
b. Appear knowledgeable and competent ? 
c. Treat you with courtesy and professionalism ? 

2. Has your request been resolved ?


3. Did one of our analysts provide exceptional service ?


a.  If so, who ?


4. Rate our service

  Poor Average Excellent
How would you rate our service overall ? 

5. What could we do to provide better service ?

Yang sanggup mengunjungkan anda hal genting dalam mencari kedudukan judi online terpercaya. Sungguh jika anda bertanya mengapa hendaklah menetapkan Aku, jawabannya yakni karena hamba meninggalkan apa yang anda perlukan.

6. Do you have any other comments for us ?


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